Youth Group

The youths need to be supported by the community to be able to face and solve everyday challenges in the school and university. The Imam Mahdi Youth (IMY) group is keen to the growth of the youth in faith and mind.
IMY has weekly meeting on Friday nights, to network and learn from different speakers. The group also organizes a wide range of field trips including but not limited to: skiing, Museum tours, and BBQ events.
Every year, IMY elects its chair who works closely with the IMIC management team to make sure all IMY activities are within IMIC objectives.
There is a special program for boys 10-15 on Saturday afternoons. The main components of this program are indoor sports and religion trainings. This program is managed by Br. Maitham.
Any youth from any community can join this group. For more info about the group and its weekly program, please visit its Facebook page


Contact Us

7340 Bayview Ave, Markham, ON, ON L3T 2R7, Canada


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