The Centre

Imam Mahdi Islamic Centre (IMIC) was founded by a group of Iranian-Canadian Muslims in GTA. The main objectives of the center are:

  • To promote the teachings of Islam according to Shia Ithna-Ashari Faith and to provide facilities for the Members and their families to observe the same.
  • To promote universally accepted values of tolerance, respect, understanding, fellowship and good citizenship.
  • To safeguard and further the religious, moral, social, and educational interests of the Members and their families and to promote their welfare
  • To help and improve the cultural and social aspects of the community
  • To create, cultivate and maintain goodwill, amity and understanding between Members
  • To remain within the bounds of the Faith in all its activities and undertakings
  • To constructively collaborate and co-operate as appropriate with other religious organizations
  • To undertake all such activities which are of benefit to the followers of the Faith
  • To remain politically independent and free of any affiliation or tendency towards any government or political party
  • To publish religious and scientific Books, and newspapers

Contact Us

7340 Bayview Ave, Markham, ON, ON L3T 2R7, Canada


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